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Weekly Newsletter - July 24, 2013

Welcome to the weekly edition of the Hoboken Uptown Farmers' Market Newsletter sponsored by the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition. This Thursday, July 25th (from 3:00 to 7:30) you'll find the best Jersey Fresh produce within walking distance of your home. The Hoboken Uptown Farmers' Market is in full swing and has a bounty of crisp veggies and ripe sweet fruit to offer. So sign up for the weekly newsletter to plan your shopping list, get reminders, recipes, and even health tips. Plus find out what fresh produce is in that week.

Uptown Farmers and Vendors

Stony Hill Farm
You'll find amazing produce weekly from Stony Hill Farm - fruit fruit abounds, including cantaloupe, peaches (yellow & white), blueberries, watermelon, nectarines. Vegetables and herbs include zucchini, cucumbers, greenhouse tomatoes, kale, lettuce, carrots, collards, potatoes, cabbage, beets,scallions, South Jersey Sweet Corn, radishes, beans, garlic, 8 ball squash, peppers, eggplant, herbs, parsley, basil,arugula, mint, and cilantro

Gina's Bakery
Looking for an easy, appetizer to bring to your next summer cookout? Serve Gina's golden, baked focaccia with a healthy homemade salad. Gina's Bakery has a delicious selection to choose from including tomato, zucchini and caponata - a scrumptious mixture of eggplant, onions, and capers.

Country Stand Farms
Fresh corn, Country Stand Farms will have it this week! Plan on getting your greens as well, Walt says they'll be bringing romaine, kale, greens and yellow beans are also in as well as fresh corn.

Hoboken Farms
Hoboken Farms has a delicious selection of naturally prepared foods, including their famous tomato sauce "Big Red" and delectable mozzarella. Their freshly baked ciabatta or Kalamata Olive sticks which make the perfect match for sauce and fresh moz. Looking for a fast meal idea? Try their incredible "ready-to-cook" crab cakes, lemon pepper sole filets, or tortilla-crusted tilapia.

Dr. Pickle
Dr. Pickle offers a wide range of savory pickles - including pickled green tomatoes, mushrooms, and a refreshing "fresh" pickle - perfect for garnishing cocktails, adding to veggie platters, or serving along side your favorite sandwich.

Neil's Sharpening Service
Pull out those dull knives and have Neil make them razor-sharp so they preform like brand-new. He'll also sharpen scissors, garden cloppers, garden shears, rotary lawn mower blades, hair clippers, and even animal clippers. The list goes on, just ask!

Downtown Farmers and Vendors

Catch the Downtown market every Tuesday from 3pm to 7:30, near the CVS

Jeff O'hara at Union Hill Farms
Union Hill Farms, located in Denville, NJ is owned and operated by Jeff O'Hara. Grown fresh on their farm is an assortment of fruits, vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, sugarsnap peas, beets, carrots and lettuce as well as flowers including sunflowers . In addition, they also also have fresh mozzarella cheese, honey, maple syrup, dressings, jams, and marinades. In the fall, you can look forward to pumpkins, hay, corn stalks and free hay rides when you visit the farm.

Melick's Town Farms
For nearly 300 years, the Melick family has provided our community with delicious, locally grown, farm fresh fruits and vegetables! We also sell plants, shrubs, jams and jellies, baked goods, gifts, and even Christmas trees - all the products that people have come to rely on from the Melick family since about 1725. We are the largest fruit grower in Central and Northern New Jersey, with over 650 acres of land. They have 120 acres of fruit trees, with over 5,000 peach trees and 20,000 apple trees!

John Krueger at Star Star Brite Farms
Starbrite Farm is a diversified, certified organic, vegetable farm. They are a USDA certified organic farm that grows virtually every type of produce that is possible in our climate- from arugula to zucchini. Included in the planting list are many heirloom varieties such as the Rattlesnake pole bean, Costata Romanesco squash, heirloom melons, and many varieties of heirloom tomatoes. We also grow many unique varieties such as Japanese salad turnips, white sweet potatoes, sugarsnap peas, multi-colored carrots as well as oakleaf and other types of lettuce you will never find in the supermarket as well as purslane and purple cauliflower. John says you can expect ground cherries in next week, they look much like gooseberries and are a delicious topping for Greek yogurt.

Sample the delights of the Downtown Farmer's Market's vendors. You'll find gourmet nuts and dried fruits, Pickle Licious pickles and olives, as well as Saucy Sara's Salsa.

Getting more Greens into Your Diet

By Skinny Chef Jennifer Iserloh

Herbs have been delighting cooks for centuries, but did you know that herbs are a dieter's dream? They're fat free, very low in calories, packed with flavor and also have other added health benefits. Learning to cook with herbs is so easy, with a snip of the scissor you can add them to your favorite meal. Here's some basic tips on several herbs you'll find out the market.

Basil is prized in Italian cooking for its affinity with tomatoes and mozzarella. But it can be also be used with fruits in place of mint, as a garnish in your cocktail or even to add flavor to sandwiches. Beside its amazing aroma and flavor, basil is packed with Vitamin K, crucial for blood clotting. Basil also has anti-inflammatory compounds that help to calm blood pressure and relax the nervous system.

Chives are part of the onion family, chefs choose this herb to add character and flavor to cream cheese, seafood dishes, soups, and sauces. Snip them with a scissor to add fresh flavor. You can even use its lavender-colored flowers as a pretty garnish. Chives are both high in vitamin A and C, and have a calming effect on the circulatory system.

Sometimes called fresh Coriander, cilantro is used prevalently in many international cuisines such as Mexican, Thai, and Indian. It has a very distinct flavor and strong floral aroma that is a challenge for some palates. I enjoy using cilantro fresh in recipes like my tomato cantaloupe salsa. Cilantro is high in phytochemicals, which means it has high levels of anti-oxidants. Cilantro also contains a compound that is being studied for its ability to fight food poisoning.

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